What We Know

What we know

Our team of Registered Dietitians specializes in nutrition education and has expertise in and unique insights into, how children learn about healthy eating.  We are committed to creating effective, high-quality programs to support Ontario teachers in teaching nutrition in their classrooms.

What we know about primary students:

Overview:  In 2003, 15 focus groups were conducted in Ontario (with a total of 57 students) with grade 2 and 3 students to explore what they understood about healthy eating. Italicized phrases are direct quotes from the students.

"Speaking Out: Ontario Kids Share their Views on Healthy Eating" (2003).  Proprietary research for Dairy Farmers of Canada.

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"Excellent. Very relevant. Up-to-date, in touch with issues, curriculum and kids interests."

– Tara Makohonuk,
A.B. Ellis Public School