Nutrition 101

Teaching Nutrition

Why Teach Nutrition?

  1. Healthy eating helps students learn better.
    Evidence suggests that well-nourished children are more likely to perform better in school, as they have more energy to stay alert and engage in learning. Eating breakfast has been linked to improved knowledge retention, test results and school attendance.
    (Journal of the American Medical Association, 2005)
  2. Nutrition education helps establish lifelong healthy eating attitudes and behaviours.
    The skills and knowledge children learn at a young age help guide their food choices during childhood and into adulthood. Establishing a healthy eating pattern early on is an important factor in preventing chronic disease.
  3. Teachers are role models.
    Elementary school students often identify teachers as people who influence what they eat and do. So when you talk about healthy eating, make healthy food choices and engage in regular physical activity, it is more likely that your students will too.

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