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Power to Play! (K-Grade 3)

Power to Play! is a superhero-themed program encouraging healthy eating and active living for primary students. This workshop is designed for K-3 teachers. Meets the inquiry-based Kindergarten Curriculum!
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Power to Play! Teacher Workshop

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Power to Play! (Kindergarten-Only)


We now offer a Power to Play! workshop designed specifically for teachers and ECEs who teach in the Kindergarten classroom. The Kindergarten section of Power to Play! has been revised to recognize the two-educator team approach and to provide purposeful and spontaneous learning opportunities that stimulate rich, authentic learning about food and eating well. Learn more about the program.


Power to Explore! (Grade 4-6)

This healthy-living program gives students the power to explore their personal food and activity choices as they build an awareness and develop skills to improve health. This workshop is for teachers of grades 4 to 6. Learn more about the program.


Combined Power to Play! and Power to Explore! Workshop (K-Grade 6)

For schools with a smaller staff, we are now offering a combined workshop for teachers of kindergarten to grade 6. Please note that individual teachers attending a combined workshop will receive only ONE of the program kits (i.e., either Power to Play! or Power to Explore!).
Learn more about Power to Play! or Power to Explore!


Power 2B Me (Grade 7-8)

This unique cross-curricular program encourages intermediate students to explore healthy eating barriers and solutions, challenges them to get hands-on with food and encourages peer-to-peer learning. It engages students through in-class activities, videos, and a personal online profile. This workshop is for teachers of Grade 7 and 8.
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