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Preschoolers learn about healthy eating in many ways, particularly through everyday hands-on experiences with food. This kind of ongoing, informal education may involve role playing in a dramatic play centre, cooking activities, food-related games that involve descriptive language or simply watching the food choices and eating habits modelled by the adults in the preschoolers' lives.

Vegetables we know and how they grow

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Fruit we know and how they grow

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Foods made from milk

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Food picture card activities

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Other Activities

Where Do the Foods I Eat Come From? Activity Booklet

This booklet is meant to accompany our Where Do The Foods I Eat Come From Poster and encourages children to explore where foods come from. Download and print a copy to use with your little ones. A hard copy of this activity booklet comes with the poster.

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Glossary of Foods

Expand your knowledge of exciting foods from around the world.


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