7-8: Intermediate Division

Titanium Chef

Chef BotTitanium Chef is a Web-based game designed to engage grade 7 and 8 students in learning how to make healthy food choices. In the game, students play the role of a ChefBot and compete to become the Titanium Chef, the galaxy's greatest ChefBot.

Charactor 2Through interactive game play, students will learn a variety of critical skills that allow them to make healthy food choices. Students will explore Canada's Food Guide to learn more about classification and Food Guide serving sizes.They can also progress to developing knowledge and skills about menu planning and food preparation as they explore the Titanium Chef world.

In addition to the game itself, teacher support materials such as Beyond the Game learning activities, recipes and curriculum links are available.  There are also a number of options for tracking and measuring student progress and learning associated with playing Titanium Chef.

Titanium Chef meets Ontario health curriculum expectations and can be played in English or French.

For more information or to register go to www.titaniumchef.ca.

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