4-6: Junior Division

Power to Explore!

Power to Explore! is a junior-level cross-curricular healthy-living program that gives students the power to explore their personal food and activity choices. Students build awareness and develop skills to improve health.

Power to Explore! includes materials for grades 4, 5 and 6.

Grade 4

Students go on a medieval comic book quest to discover the secret to healthy eating and physical activity. Students hone personal goal-setting skills to improve health. The program contains strong curriculum connections to Language and Social Studies curricula.


Grade 5

Students learn to keep their bodies strong by building healthy bones. The workshop for this program provides participants with tips and strategies to support classroom implementation of the Power4Bones program, as well as a BONUS classroom trivia game. The program contains strong links to the Science and Technology and Language curricula.

Grade 5

Grade 6

Students explore their personal world and the influences that affect their food and activity choices. This program includes a focus on body image and self-esteem and features a four-episode DVD with students sharing their personal insights. The program contains strong Language and Media Literacy curriculum connections.

Grade 6


Power to Explore! in the Classroom

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How to get Power to Explore!:

Book a FREE Power to Explore! workshop for your junior-level teachers and one of our Registered Dietitians will come to your school. All teachers who attend the workshop will receive the program and materials. We require a minimum of 15 teachers and a two-hour time slot.

To register or find out more:

Book Online: Online Workshop Request Form
Email: workshop_request@dfc-plc.ca
Call: 905-817-2015
Toll Free: 1-866-392-9929 ext 2015

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