Want to learn more about helping your students eat healthy and stay active? This monthly electronic newsletter will keep you up to date on relevant nutrition news and events and provide tips and activity ideas to help you promote health in your classroom and school. Geared to elementary school teachers, this informative newsletter is written by Registered Dietitians and Ontario teachers.


Hungry for ways to help preschoolers eat well? This informative electronic newsletter will bring you exciting information on the world of early childhood nutrition four times a year. Our team of Registered Dietitians and Childcare Professionals will provide you with timely content, ideas and tips for exploring food and creating happy and healthy mealtimes for children in your care. Let us help you create good beginnings.


Nutrition Facts

Dispel food myths and discover answers to nutrition questions.


Test your Knowledge

Keep current on nutrition information and topic-specific trivia.


Mission 5421

Take your students on a healthy-eating treasure hunt based on Canada's Food Guide.