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Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC)

DFC is a national non-profit organization run by and for Canadian dairy farmers. DFC employs Registered Dietitians to help Canadians maintain and adopt healthful eating and lifestyle practices. As stewards of a critical component of our food supply, dairy producers have an inherent interest in ensuring that Canadians appreciate the natural goodness, safety and high quality of Canadian milk.

DFC Nutrition Team

We are a team of over twenty highly trained health professionals. Our Registered Dietitians play an important role encouraging individuals and communities to be well and eat well. We have advanced training in nutrition science, research, education and communication and work with like-minded individuals and organizations including government, health organizations, teacher associations, educators, and researchers to help Canadians achieve their healthy eating goals. Many of DFC's nutrition and health programs have won awards and are often on the leading edge of nutrition education in their respective communities.


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